Third Party Services

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Risk level

Notification required

As part of the WA Department of Education Students Online in Public Schools Policy, SIDE RTO is required to inform parents/caregivers of the use of any online applications that students will be using during their VET training and assessment. No parent/caregiver action is required.

SIDE RTO uses VASTO as the Learning Management System (LMS) to manage student enrolments and deliver courses online. Student work is uploaded to VASTO for the assessors to assess and to notify students of their results. VASTO is an Australian LMS.




Data location

Personal information requested

  • Staff/teacher name
  • Student home address
  • Student email
  • Student work/content
  • Student gender
  • Student grades or performance data
  • School name
  • Staff/teacher email
  • Student name
  • Student telephone number
  • Student date of birth
  • Student attendance records
  • Student photos or videos
  • Student medical or health data