Policies & Important Information

Complaints and Feedback

School and Student satisfaction is very important to us.

We encourage and value feedback as it provides us with information about your needs and expectations, as well as opportunities to improve our training products and services. Further information, including how to lodge a complaint can be found in our complaints policy.


We are committed to providing quality assessment.

If a student does not agree that an assessment decision was fair or correct, they may lodge an appeal. Before lodging an appeal, we strongly recommend students discuss their assessments with their trainers to see feedback and understanding of how the assessment was made. If after speaking with the trainer, you wish to lodge a formal appeal, please read our Appeals policy for details on how you can initiate the appeal process.

Refunds and Cancellations

If SIDE RTO cancels a full qualification for any reason, the schools or individuals enrolled with be entitled to a full refund.

Schools or students may withdraw any time after the commencement and before the end date of any unit of competence they are enrolled in. SIDE RTO must be notified in writing of any withdrawals. In some circumstances a refund may be applicable. Please refer to the Cancellations and Refund Policy for further information.


SIDE RTO collects student information to complete the enrolment process.

Collection, storage and disclosure of student information is strictly in accordance with State and Commonwealth laws, including the State Records Act 2000 and the Privacy Act 1988. You may also wish to refer to our Privacy Policy.

Under the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 we are also required to collect and disclose personal information to the National Centre of Vocational Education Research (NCVER) Ltd. Please refer to the NCVER privacy statement for more information.